My Beliefs - A Statement

It should be stated that I have chosen to accept the Holy Bible as the final word on Truth, if, indeed, there be any such thing. I have perused many religions, including the lack there of, and found none seeming to be as reasonable to my sense of individuality, fairness and common sense as that which I have found contained in the Holy Bible. My search for the source of Truth is over... it is now my task to understand that Truth.

No belief system can objectively prove much of anything. Each system claims its prophets, traditions, miracles, divine providences and special manifestations. Yet they cannot all be right for many of their claims are mutually exclusive. If there is a Truth, a reality, then it is what it is regardless of what I or anyone else may think or want. Like the Law of Gravity, Truth is what it is whether we believe in it or not. In the same manner, God is what He is. It is not for us to define Him. It is only for us to accept His revelation of Himself.

I make the following assumptions:

One: I believe there is a God. If not, then life is nothing more than a meaningless tragedy, too often filled with the unfairness of this world with no hope of justice.

Two: I believe that God is trying to reveal Himself to us. Though helpful in their place, the tools of the learned (Greek, Hebrew, History, etc.) are not necessary for the average believer to come to rightly know his God. If God loves us, He will not make His overtures toward us dependent upon the studies and teachings of other men. Scripture will interpret itself to the honest and seeking individual.

Three: I believe the Holy Bible to be the Voice of God revealing Himself to us. If it be only the observations of pious men, then all Christianity is but an opinion. I would then rather be an agnostic.

Four: I believe a belief is not true because it is useful. I do not want to believe anything merely because it meets some emotional or physical need of mine. People willingly believe what they wish were true. I dare not. I can not.

Five: I believe that Truth is simple in principle, if not in detail, and needs few words of explanation; Error requires a multitude of words to describe its convoluted path.